the story

FW20/21 collection is a story of transformation. A transformation of personality of a young woman under social standards. Beginning from life loving and optimistic lady, who admires the world surrounded her, in bright, open, floral gown, to “Ophelia” with dead flowers in her hands. 

Every outfit represents a fixed social type with one-point perspective like in Italian Commedia dell’arte. The characters are exaggerated real characters as nurse or religious fanatic and have distinct costumes and masks to help a spectator to understand who the character is.That explains the contrast between looks: the bright line of violet floral embroidery, flowing flower white dresses with frills and puff sleeves contrary the dark line of sinister, heavy full-skirted gowns with stone cross embroideries, black lace and laconic cuts. Of course, this collection is a continuation of the brand’s style – Victorian silhouettes, volume taffeta gowns and a lot of hand work. 

The masks in this collection also symbolize the veil through which you cannot see the world as it is, just from your own point of view. 

Thank you for collaboration:

Yulia Orlova - Collection execution

Statnaia Corsets - Leather corset

Grigorii Liubachev - Shoes

Arianna Genghini - Photography 

Anna Kalytyak - Makeup

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