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Keys and Cages

the story

   Main inspiration for the collection was a nurse uniform during WW1 and an image of nurse as a monster from different perspectives. 

   The first perspective reflects a book "Ten days in a Mad-House" written by American journalist Nellie Bly. The book shows nurses as real Monsters who used their power to scoff at poor and unlucky women during Victorian times. "Ten days in a Mad-House" was based on articles written while Bly was on an undercover assignment for the New York World, feigning insanity at a women's boarding house, so as to be involuntarily committed to an insane asylum. She then investigated the reports of brutality and neglect at the Women's Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell's Island. 

   The second story represents nurses during WW1 - rich and elegant Victorian women who gave up their perfect world to save lives. They changed their chic dresses and cozy evenings for inhuman conditions and atmosphere of death. Inspiration for this story was Edith Cavell. She was a British nurse, who saved not only lives of British soldiers, but all whom she could help, even enemies. But despite her humanity she was shot by a German firing squad.

   The Message is - making a right choice you can save or hurt someone's life. So what kind of Monster do you prefer?

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